Industry Specialist

As an owner and teacher of a dance school, I want to put my energy and time into the strategic and creative elements of the business.


I need the hours I lose in admin to be at a minimum & to maximize efficiency, I need one (maybe two) systems to do all the admin processes for me.

From an Accountant - I want someone I can trust, who I can easily build a business relationship with and someone who understands how a dance school operates! I still want to know and understand my numbers but my Accountant can calculate them  & ensure I stay compliant with HMRC.

However every business owner is different and has different needs and requirements. 

Here are some of the ways I can support you:

  • Calculate which classes are making a profit and which are not.

  • Calculate the number of pupils you need in a class to break even on your costs

  • Estimate your future monthly profits so you can spend and save within your limits

  • Ensure you submit everything on time to HMRC!

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